Welcome to 2017-2018 school year. This overview section provides general information for parents about both campuses. You may find more specific information about specific campuses on our Lower School or Upper School pages.

All School

EBIA is currently located on two campuses, Marshall for Lower School (6th, 7th & 8th grades) and Mountain Campus (9th & 10th grades). EBIA has kept calendars, most parent software platforms, meals and policies the same across both campuses.

Parent Software Platforms

EBIA uses various software platforms to manage registration, student assignments and grades and communication. These tools will help you stay connected with what is happening at EBIA, your students academic growth and insuring we have your up to date contact information.

Meal Program

EBIA’s lunch provider is Revolution Foods and Boonli is the ordering platform for the 17-18 school year.

Policies & Handbook

During the first week of school, students will be reviewing the following handbook and policies with their advisors. EBIA administration is the process of finalizing the 2016-2017 version and the website will be updated with the newest version. The Charter petition is for your reference.


When students are asked to be ‘hands on’ in their learning, to be curious and critical thinkers taking on real world problems, they are able to make tremendous strides in their academic and social-emotional growth.

Devin comes to EBIA following nine years working for the New York City Department of Education, most recently serving as Director of Performance-Based Assessment Design where she led initiatives focused on project-based learning and designed and implemented a professional development program for 60 teachers across New York City.  Prior to taking on this administrative role, Devin taught social studies for seven years at ACORN Community High School where she was selected as the model instructional classroom teacher for a network of 15 schools.  Devin has a Bachelor of Arts from University of Maryland, a Master of Science in Education from Long Island University, and a Master of Educational Leadership and Administration from Columbia University.  Being new to the west coast, Devin looks forward to getting to know the Bay Area and spending a lot of time outdoors, even (hopefully!) learning how to surf. – Devin Krugman, Head of School for Lower and Upper Schools

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