EBIA prides itself on its diversity and providing classrooms where all students have all materials and accessibility to all programs regardless of a families economic situation. This is an important component of EBIA’s Charter.

  • EBIA does not send out a supply list each year, however, we create a wishlist so families may purchase supplies for our teachers.
  • Amazon wishlist – EBIA has a created a wishlist of items for the school. If you miss purchasing supplies…here is the place to go and have supplies shipped directly to EBIA. If you would like an inkind donation form for tax purposes, please send an email to ebia.development@eastbayia.org. You can add your receipt to our inkind donation form for tax purposes.
  • Online Cash Donation – EBIA is a 501(c)(3), not for profit, public charter school. All donations are tax deductible. If you are used to purchasing supplies or making a donation to the PTO/PTA, you can instead make a cash donation to EBIA to support our programs directly. Although our Fall Giving Drive begins in October, you can make a donation now! Your early donation will be counted towards our drive.

Being a Public Charter School the support of our community is important to the success of our school. We understand that each family situation is unique, so EBIA offers many different ways our families can choose to support EBIA: volunteering time (on and off campus), inkind donations (like school supplies and materials) and/or monetary donations during our giving drive.